Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since I posted The Old Barn in a Pristine Setting, I decided to look at my own property and see what I could do with it.  You old farmhouse in a pristine setting? This is obviously not a painting, but it is a creative endeavor of another kind.   And as I posted before, I need to take better photographs (or as my husband suggested.......I can work with the photograph.  Hmmmm.........what a concept!

So......I decided I wanted to make the entrance to the house take on a new look.  We had some OLD bricks in the OLD barn and I thought it would be nice to make use of them.  Would you believe that I had just enough bricks to create this small patio?  Except for asking my hubby to  load the bricks and  bring them to me, I did this all by myself.  I just spent an hour sitting in this chair reading my book.  I really like it.  Hope you do, as well.

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  1. Could be, should be a painting...