Sunday, February 9, 2020

Recently repurposed a painting on my blog, from 2016.  This is the new and renewed painting.   Somewhere on the Oregon coast.....thankful for the photo from Michael Taggart.

Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Above is a photo of a beautiful horse who belonged to a dear friend of my cousin............and though he was quite young, he had sadly passed away unexpectantly last winter.  My cousin wished to give her dear friend a gift and so commissioned me to create a portrait of "Ace".  I was quite humbled by the request and immediately agreed.   I have painted dogs and birds before, but had never painted a horse.  This endeavor became a huge challenge for me, going through 3 different canvases in 5 months.  But, I persevered with the loving support of my husband, cousin and local artist friend.  I learned so much throughout the process re: equine anatomy, patience, and most especially love of horses.  Especially this one!!!!  I had always kept my distance from horses, feeling overwhelmed by their huge presence.  During this process, I learned to identify with this amazing animal.  This particular guy exuded so much personality with the look in his eye(s) and the quirky lip.  He was egging me on the whole time.  "Bet you can't capture me!!  Hee Haw!!!"  That just spurred me on!!
While painting portraits, I believe it is important to copy the photo or life study as close as possible, in order to capture the persona.  This portrait has been delivered to the recipient and I am pleased to say that she is quite happy with it.  Her words to my cousin:  "Just WOW! It arrived yesterday, and I LOVE it!! Have you seen it? This horse was really a character, and she captured that well. His eye, his twisted lip, etc."
I love you Ace. I am so grateful for the opportunity to connect with you on this level.  May you rest in peace.  I am so grateful to my cousin for believing in my ability.  Grateful that her friend is happy with the portrait.  And so grateful that I could hopefully bring some bit of peace all the way around.  You were a gift to many, sweet guy!!  You touched so many of us in your short sweet life and I am grateful that I was a small part of it.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Peontiful Blossoms

I was in need of a painting to display above the bar that separates our kitchen and family room. We have an old intercom system (doesn't work) that was installed when the house was built in the 70's, and my husband didn't want to take out the"stations", hoping one day he could make it work.  Well, I knew that probably wouldn't happen, so decided I needed to cover the console.  Found the right canvas which fit perfectly over the device.  Then it was matter of considering appropriate subject matter for the area.  After hanging the blank canvas, I asked the opinion of all members of the family and the suggestions went from doing a painting of the actual apparatus to leaving it blank and calling it "Openness".  I love the sarcastic-ness in this family!!!

All humor aside, this is one of my favorite flowering plants.  It was also one of my Dad's (and my brother's).  Dad took such pristine care of his beloved peony plants, of which he had many.  I especially love their scent!  Wish they lasted throughout the summer. When my little sister died some years ago, I planted one with flowers that looked much like these in the painting.  Sadly, I didn't get to take the plant with me, when we moved.  We have two white plants here from the previous owners, so we get to enjoy the scent and beauty in the spring.  I recreated the pink variety on canvas with my sister Karen in mind.  Now, I can look upon them everyday and think of both Dad and Karen.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Path to Paradise

This painting as well as "Hope" were inspired by our trip to HI in March 2018.  How I love the idea of a pathway to somewhere enchanting, wonderful and warm!

Tuesday, October 16, 2018


I have always loved this flowering plant.  The first time I ever saw a true tropical hibiscus was when I visited St. Maarten in the Caribbean.years ago.  I created a painting to display in the Villa my friend owned at that time.  This particular painting was created for my dear cousin and husband who lost their precious HI home from Kilauea in March of this year (2018).  And this was my first piece after returning to oils as the medium.  I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, loving the memory from using the medium years ago,  as well as the reason for the painting.  My cousin just recently visited OH and I presented the painting to her.  She grew the plants in her yard in the district of Puna in Hilo.  The Leilani Estates where Kathy and Gene's home resided was devastated by Kilauea.  Their precious home/land was sadly lost, having been covered with tons of lava.  Lynn and I were privileged to visit this home last March and to also spend quality time with Kathy and Gene.  This painting was created to honor the time spent with them and to also honor their sweet home in Hilo.  I hope this image serves as a positive affirmation toward a new home in their beloved Hawaii.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

Sunset in the Forest

This is the view, while sitting in the living room of our lovely home, on summer nights around 7pm.  The sun sets, shedding light on the less dark trees in the small forest.  I decided this was a Plein Air kind of opportunity.  Though it started out that way, it became a project that took a few months to perfect.