Friday, January 2, 2009

Trista's Home

This is Trista's portrait. Her home is located in Delaware, OH, just minutes from us. She has an acre of land. This house began as a log cabin and has been added on to over the years. Another charming home to paint.

Davion and Rikki's Home

This is Davion and Rikki's portrait. Their home is in Grandview, OH. It is quite interesting how similar their house is to Josh and Jenaye's.......colors are just the opposite. Another lovely home.

The Antonuccio Home

This is a portrait of Josh and Jenaye's home in Athens, Ohio. It used to be blue and white. But, Jenaye got creative and chose the bright colors and had it changed last summer. I think it is delightful.

Beloved Sycamore