Tuesday, January 31, 2012

11805 Huckleberry Drive - Franktown, CO.

This is the home we lived in from 1977 to 1982.  I loved this place.  It was easy to care for and the neighborhood was exceptional.  We all had homes that sat on at least 2 acres of land.  We all had children around the same age.  It was the perfect community.  Not to mention the state and the climate.  Beautiful sunshine 360 days of the year, clear blue skies, mountain view and no humidity.   When it snowed and the sun shone the next day......much like this painting......you were often blinded by the light.

The house looks much different now.   But this is how we as a family will always remember it.  Brings back such fun memories of good times, good friends and lots of fun things to do.  Our son was born here and all three children made lasting friendships while we lived here.  I always loved the ring to the address, as well.  Eleven eight oh five, Huckleberry Drive.