Monday, May 2, 2011


I have made many a costume for my children over the years.  Most recently I have made many a costume for my grandchildren.  I never thought to post them on my blog, but I am re-thinking this.  I need  to go through many pictures (digital, hard copy, etc)...........and will post them at a later time.  Thanks for visiting.

Sooooooooooo (sew)...........I love to create.  Be it making beautiful children, painting art, gardening, affirming, etc.  It is all there within me.  And I embrace it.  This is my latest endeavor.  A project for my beautiful granddaughter.  She requested that I make a costume for her school's International Fair presentation this week.  Since her country is Switzerland, she wanted a Swiss costume.  I found a pattern for her and inquired about the colors she wanted.  Her answer was: sky blue dress with a black apron and grass green ribbon for the lacing.  No problem!!!!  So, here is the end result.  I added a little sparkle here and there (per her acceptance).  I am so looking forward to being there to watch her presentation .........which she also requested from me (be still my beating heart!).  Photos of she herself donning the costume will follow.