Friday, June 25, 2010

Covered bridge in Oregon

What draws your eye in this painting?  Doesn't it look like a big open mouth?  I love covered bridges and after much searching I found one that I wanted to paint.  This one is in Oregon and I chose it because you had to go through the town we lived in to get to this bridge.  We lived in Philomath Oregon for 6 years.  I do miss that beautiful state. 

"The Chitwood Covered Bridge is still standing.  It was constructed in1926 by Otis Hamar and is 96 feet in length, spanning the Yaquina River.  (Few covered bridges survive in Oregon, however, the nearby North Fork Yachats Bridge stands also, further west.  It was constructed by the same man, and was his last work.)  Pepin's Grocery store, located adjacent to the Chitwood Bridge, operated until the 1950s.  Sometime after, a fire broke out at the store.  Embers ignited the bridge, only a bucket brigade of locals saved it.  The bridge became dilapidated until it was restored in 1984. The World Guide number for the Chitwood Bridge
is: 37-21-03.  In 1979, it was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places (#79002103.)  Unfortunately, many important buildings of Chitwood are gone: The train depot was demolished, the grocery burned, and the general store fell apart; recent photos of the area don't even reveal a debris pile.  The continuation of the bridge ensures visitation to the site, and remembrance, as roadsigns off major highways point the way to the famous bridge"