Monday, June 18, 2012



I have another passion.  I didn't really develop or recognize it until a few years ago.  What I have discovered is that I love historical fiction.  I have a number of favorite authors who write in this genre.  One in particular is Jane Kirkpatrick.  Jane has a beautiful way of taking a bit of history and weaving it into an amazing story of women (in particular) who have made a difference in the world.  Their story is one of inspiration, hope and faith under difficult circumstances.  My first exposure to Jane was The Tender Ties Series.  This trilogy is about Marie Dorian, an Iowa Indian woman who spent five weeks on the journey with Sacagawea.  Both were married to French Canadian men, both pregnant and both affiliated with white, male fur trapping expeditions.

Marie faced incredible odds on that journey.  This is an amazing story of strength, courage, devotion and faith.

I have read most of Jane's books and have been inspired by all of them.  I am currently reading Where Lilacs Still Bloom.  The story of Hulda Klager and her lilac gardens in Woodland WA.   If you like gardening, you will love this book.  Her father encouraged Hulda to follow her dreams.  Quoted from the first chapter:  “Huldie, don’t deny the dreams. They’re a gift given to make your life full. Accept them. Reach for
them. We are not here just to endure hard times until we die."

Hulda followed her dreams and persevered through very tough times.  I am inspired by this story and visiting Hulda's Gardens is definitely on my bucket list.

More sharing of authors/books to come.