Thursday, January 1, 2009

Hill Farmhouse

This is a portrait of our home and our beloved dog, Spencer. The aforementioned Michels grew up in this old house and they had 40 acres of land in southern Delaware County, OH. After their father passed away, they split the property, while their mother stayed in the farmhouse. One brother built above us and the other brother built the cabin. We bought the farmhouse in 1982 and have been here ever since.

Michel's cabin

The Michels were our neighbors for over 20 years in Ohio. They had to move to AZ for health reasons. I didn't think they would ever leave this lovely site. The cabin has been added on to over the years. It overlooks the Olentangy River and is 3 stories high above the river. I painted this as a going-away gift for them. We miss the family very much.

Jarolim Farm

My cousin(Darcy) and her husband (John) owned a farm in Aberdeen, WA. They have since moved to NC. But this was their favorite home. I painted it for Darcy's birthday in 2008. This is one of my favorite house portraits. Think it is because I grew up in the Northwest and I love the mountainside and the evergreens. Was a delight to paint.

Darlin' Darwin

Darwin is our son (Davion) and daughter-in-law's (Rikki) puppy. He is a real sweetie. This painting was a Christmas gift to Davion and Rikki.