Sunday, July 3, 2011

Quality "painting" time with granddaughter, Johanna

While daughter and hubby were away last week, I spent quality time with my dear grandchildren.  I brought some of my watercolor supplies with me.  Granddaughter, Johanna wanted me to paint a portrait of their dog, "Rose" to give to her mother.  I would rather use acrylic for portraits, but I find that I can use watercolor for still life paintings.  So, I opted to paint a single rose.  Johanna opted to watch the process.  

After a while, I suggested that she try her hand at painting.  She told me she couldn't paint, but she could
draw.  I suggested that she could paint, if given the basics.  So she opted to sketch and paint a butterfly for her mother.  I showed her some basic techniques and here is the result of her efforts.  I think it turned out quite fantastic.  Her mother was really impressed and pleased with the outcome.   It was delightful to share some "art" time with my beautiful and talented granddaughter.