Friday, June 25, 2010

Covered bridge in Oregon

What draws your eye in this painting?  Doesn't it look like a big open mouth?  I love covered bridges and after much searching I found one that I wanted to paint.  This one is in Oregon and I chose it because you had to go through the town we lived in to get to this bridge.  We lived in Philomath Oregon for 6 years.  I do miss that beautiful state. 

"The Chitwood Covered Bridge is still standing.  It was constructed in1926 by Otis Hamar and is 96 feet in length, spanning the Yaquina River.  (Few covered bridges survive in Oregon, however, the nearby North Fork Yachats Bridge stands also, further west.  It was constructed by the same man, and was his last work.)  Pepin's Grocery store, located adjacent to the Chitwood Bridge, operated until the 1950s.  Sometime after, a fire broke out at the store.  Embers ignited the bridge, only a bucket brigade of locals saved it.  The bridge became dilapidated until it was restored in 1984. The World Guide number for the Chitwood Bridge
is: 37-21-03.  In 1979, it was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places (#79002103.)  Unfortunately, many important buildings of Chitwood are gone: The train depot was demolished, the grocery burned, and the general store fell apart; recent photos of the area don't even reveal a debris pile.  The continuation of the bridge ensures visitation to the site, and remembrance, as roadsigns off major highways point the way to the famous bridge"

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Since I posted The Old Barn in a Pristine Setting, I decided to look at my own property and see what I could do with it.  You old farmhouse in a pristine setting? This is obviously not a painting, but it is a creative endeavor of another kind.   And as I posted before, I need to take better photographs (or as my husband suggested.......I can work with the photograph.  Hmmmm.........what a concept!

So......I decided I wanted to make the entrance to the house take on a new look.  We had some OLD bricks in the OLD barn and I thought it would be nice to make use of them.  Would you believe that I had just enough bricks to create this small patio?  Except for asking my hubby to  load the bricks and  bring them to me, I did this all by myself.  I just spent an hour sitting in this chair reading my book.  I really like it.  Hope you do, as well.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Old barn in a pristeen environment

I truly had high hopes for this endeavor.  When I took the photo, I thought that the shadows, the aging barn, the manicured yard would be the ticket.  I just couldn't do it justice.  I am quite disappointed.  However............

though I consider myself an artist, I apparently don't know much about photography.  New lesson in my life now.

All that I saw when I took this pic were the shadows and the old barn.  I didn't think about the view/perspective.  This is where I need to rely on my husband to take the photos.  He is so good at it. 

The damn barn sits right in the center of the photo vertically.  I know better than that.  Tried to compensate for that, by placing the barn toward the left.

I really don't like this painting, yet I have learned much from the process and that is why I am willing to share it with you all.  We can't always be perfect, can we?  We only wish to show our best side in everything we do.  But, hey!  That isn't real!  So, I am willing to show you my faults and weaknesses through this painting.  And I will appreciate your comments.  I can only learn from this, right?