Saturday, October 20, 2012

Davion's birthday sign

This isn't the greatest photo from my art project for the week.  But you get the gist.  Our son Davion  likes to make his own beer.  He has all the equipment for it, and his first batch was called "Davion's Brew".  A few weeks back, he was here helping his Dad with firewood.  They often have a beer together after the work is done.  Davion started talking about how he would love a rustic/antique kind of sign to put in his garage that showed some brew and said, "It's 5 o'clock somewhere."  Since his birthday was coming up, I did an internet search to find the perfect sign.  While looking at all the possibilities, I had an epiphany!  "Hell!  I can make that for him!"  Went to Michaels and found this awesome planed/sanded board with the bark on the top and bottom.  Stained it and started painting.  It was quite interesting to work on a stained piece of wood.  It was much like working with watercolor.  The base was oil, so the acrylic paint was quite translucent when applied.  I liked that. I used to do tole paintings, but I had always sealed the board before applying paint.

I painted the background the exterior color of his garage, but left the table the natural stain of the wood.  It was quite fun to work on.  I did get the clock idea from the images I saw on the internet.  Most of them had 5 for every number.  Clever. presented it to him today and he really liked it.  Here's to you, Davion!  So glad you were born!