Thursday, January 21, 2016


Triunity (the state of being threefold or triple.

I was going to title this painting Trinity.  I usually paint from photographs or images on paper.  I first began this painting with the intent to copy a photograph of clouds in a field surrounding our church property.  I tried many times to get the clouds right via many techniques,   I have learned (from other artists recently) and finally gave up and decided to go back to my original way of painting. Suddenly three clouds appeared as I desired.  From there, I decided this painting will be a series of three....and it unfolded from there..  Three clouds, three hillsides, and three trees.  Triunity is fitting, as the name of my church is Unity and that is where the vision of the clouds came from.

This will be the last painting for me for a while.  I have another major endeavor in my life.  After living in this house for 33 years, we are selling and downsizing.  This will consume most of my time. I am envisioning a studio in my next home.