Monday, January 12, 2009

While taking a short trip this fall to both WV and KY, we had the opportunity to visit many sites. This painting is of a cabin that sits on Bryan's Station in Waveland, KY.

It is the site of a Greek Revival home and plantation now maintained and operated as part of the Kentucky state park system. It was the home of the Joseph Bryan family, who followed Daniel Boone through the Cumberland Gap, and became an early settler and horseman of this region.

Waveland was constructed between the fall of 1844 and late 1848. Joseph Bryan had the house built "to please his father" according to a letter written by his son Elijah in 1845. Joseph's father Daniel Boone Bryan had settled the land by 1786. The land surrounding Waveland was owned by the Bryan family until 1894, when Joseph's son Joseph Henry Bryan sold the farm at auction.

Tours include the historic house, the slave quarters, smokehouse and ice house, and focus on the Bryan family and life on a 19th century Kentucky plantation.

While on tour, we were told that some of the Bryan ancestors are the ground's keepers, even though it now belongs to the state park system.

It was named Waveland, due to the way the wind blew on the estate. For more information, check out this site:

Or go to this site to see photos:

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  1. This painting is so beautiful Linda. The trees are incredible...thank you for including such great stories with your paintings....the history and your feelings and where it is wonderful!