Sunday, December 13, 2009

St. Maartin

I was fortunate to travel many times with my friend to the "friendly" island of St. Maarten.  And it is indeed friendly.  The people who live and work there are the best kind of people on earth.  We met many that we tried to stay connected with.  Unfortunately, most of the people are pretty transient.  And I wonder if any of the lovely people we met are still on the island.

One year, we went to have a glass of wine at one of the many open bar/restaurants on the island.  There were a number of paintings on the walls, which I remarked about to the servers.  I told them that I was an artist and they both asked me if I would paint their portraits.  They gave me their addresses and phone numbers.  I really intended to get the portraits done and sent within the year.  NOT!  However, I have recently tried delving in colored pencil and have discovered that this is my medium for portraits.  I seem to have a certain medium for certain themes.  Acrylic and oil for landscapes.  Watercolor for still life. 

At any rate, after numerous attempts using colored pencil for landscapes, I decided to dig out the photo of the lovely young woman by the name of Jackie.........and see if I could do better with a portrait. So here it is.  Jackie, if you are out's to you Pretty Lady!

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