Monday, May 2, 2011

Sooooooooooo (sew)...........I love to create.  Be it making beautiful children, painting art, gardening, affirming, etc.  It is all there within me.  And I embrace it.  This is my latest endeavor.  A project for my beautiful granddaughter.  She requested that I make a costume for her school's International Fair presentation this week.  Since her country is Switzerland, she wanted a Swiss costume.  I found a pattern for her and inquired about the colors she wanted.  Her answer was: sky blue dress with a black apron and grass green ribbon for the lacing.  No problem!!!!  So, here is the end result.  I added a little sparkle here and there (per her acceptance).  I am so looking forward to being there to watch her presentation .........which she also requested from me (be still my beating heart!).  Photos of she herself donning the costume will follow.


  1. So very lovely Linda...what an amazing woman of talent you are. Your grand-daughter is certainly a very fortunate girl, as are all those who know you, your art, your heart...
    I am blessed to call you family...I absolutely can't wait to see you later this year...what fun that will be. Look forward with anticipation to future postings to your blog. Keep your camera handy in all that you do...

  2. Thanks so much Val! Can't wait to see you!