Monday, August 19, 2013

A Star is Born

This painting was commissioned and created as a gift for our resigning church music director, Karla Wright, as she moves on to share her musical talent with the masses.  I personally have had the privilege of singing with her on occasion.  She teaches private voice lessons, and is music director for the Village Singers (German Village, OH).  She performs with the Columbus Horns' and she blesses all with her amazing voice, guitar skills and winning personality as she performs around the Central Ohio area at various venues. She plans to expand her horizons by writing her own music, increasing her performances and record her own CD's.

She has a wonderful whimsical side to her, being especially fond of fairies.  So I elected to use that as the theme for this painting.  She is the Fairy here, reaching for the Star that she will surely become.  We will miss her, but she promises to grace us as a visiting musician from time to time.  This was a fun project for me, as I too, have a whimsical side.


  1. Even before I read the rest of the post, I knew that this was Karla. You've captured her beautifully!

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