Friday, December 24, 2010

Painted pottery

These gifts have been delivered and opened, so now I can publish them on my blog.   In the fall, while walking my sweet dog, I collected leaves with the intention of painting them on pieces of pottery as Christmas gifts to our adult children.  I chose specific leaves for specific persons.  I had a lot of fun creating all of them.   I then filled them with nutritious foods for each family.  The theme was nature/natural and organic.  The pieces were very-well received.  Maple leaves in a bowl for Trista.  Oak leaves on a platter for Davion and Rikki.  And Sycamore leaves on a platter for Josh and Jenaye. 


  1. I used my serving dish last night at our Christmas table and filled it with bread. It was nice to see the pieces of bread go, revealing the pretty leaves. Thank you so much for this great gift! We had a guest over and he commented on what a nice job you did. :)

  2. We're loving ours as well, Mom!

  3. So glad you are all enjoying your pottery pieces. Love you all!

  4. Oh my gosh Linda...I just now found your blog...what in the world took me so long...what a blog tard I am...I will be checking in on you everyday now and will add you to my blog fun! I am so thankful for all of your comments that feel so wonderful to me...thank you so much for being so supportive in all ways.
    I absolutely love the dishes you made...they are so beautiful...yes it is all in the family isn't it...who do you think it started with...Aunt Sister maybe? I always remember Mary and my Mom talking about her!!!

    Love you, Val

  5. Definitely Aunt Sister. She not only taught art, she was also a great painter.

    Love, Linda

  6. These are absolutely beautiful, my friend! Love you!


    1. It was fun to paint them. Thank you. Love you back!